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If you become nostalgic at the sound of a distant train whistle, then you might be intrigued by the idea of laying track in your yard, and relaxing with a cold drink as a miniature train chuffs by.


You may have noticed those large scale model trains in department store Christmas displays, and in a growing number of botanical gardens throughout the country.  These have evolved into a type of model train that is suitable for year-round outdoor operation.   

The scale of these trains is nominally ½” to the foot, (referred to loosely as “G” scale) with a track gauge of just under two inches between the rails. These trains are a good size for young and old alike.  They are rugged enough for small children to get their hands on, and large enough for us geezers to be able to see to work on them. 


The Florida Garden Railway Society had its humble beginnings late in 1990 when five individuals here in Florida who had built miniature railroads in their back yards got together. They began with very informal meetings but soon evolved into today's group of families with a common interest in large-scale trains, including indoor, outdoor, and modular train layouts.  Today, we have over 50 families statewide from Jacksonville to the Keys, with a large contingent on the west coast of Florida and in the central part of the state. 

 FGRS has grown to the point that the public has noticed us.  Over the years we have participated in many train shows and exhibitions open to the public throughout the state of Florida, and hosted several statewide conventions and layout tours. The 12th Annual National Garden Railway Convention was hosted by the Society in Orlando in 1996, and the 30th NGRC was held in Tampa, Florida, in 2014.  FGRS was incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in the State of Florida in 1993. 

We normally get together and run trains at a different member’s home each month. We have seminars, swap ideas, have raffles, and have luncheons together.  The club owns equipment for setting up trains at local train shows, swap meets, and other public events. Our newsletter comes out monthly in your email and in the members section of the website. We are a State of Florida club, and, like the hobby, we are changing with the times.  We are looking for new, innovative ideas, as well as your input for employing old, standby ideas that add fun and value to the membership.

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