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of  2023/2024

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MAY 28, 2022

FGRS Fun Run

Ocala, Florida

The SILVER RIVER RAIL ROAD, in Ocala, will be open from  - 10:00 AM till 2:00 PM.  The layout is DC track powered, with 1,500' of track.  It covers over 1/2 acre.  There is a 30' oval pond 100' stream and 8' bog. The freight yard is in one bay of the two car barn/ garage, and a new track extension will make it easier for visiting locomotives to be loaded onto the track . There will be a scavenger hunt to see if you can find interesting details along the way. 


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DECEMBER 4, 2021

FGRS Fun Run

Tavares, Florida

This Railroad, known as the "Lane Park and Wherever", has a thousand feet of track divided into four loops, with another ninety feet of storage track in the shed. It runs on NCE DCC track power. Twenty two wooden bridges cross two rivers connecting three ponds and two dry river beds. Two mountains with fifty feet of trestle complete the layout. This year you will see a scratch-built depot/warehouse modeled after one down the road from this layout.


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FGRS Fun Run

North Port,  Florida

This layout is patterned after the South Fork Division of the Southern Railway in the Lake Cumberland area of Kentucky, and depicts the Southern Railway as it would have appeared near the end of the steam era (circa 1945).

There is 300’ of main-line and 6 stub sidings, a crossover between double tracks, and a passing siding.  The layout is set up for multiple train switching operations

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Fun Runs


FGRS Fun Run

Mount Dora, Florida

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FGRS Fun Run

Port Charlotte,  Florida

The Tropical RR has 400’ of main line track with 20’ diameter curves so bring on the Big Boys. The switching yard has 7 tracks for plenty of storage and there are several routes looping around the front and backs yards.   All switches are #6 and are pneumatically operated via a sophisticated Airwire interface.  All trains are battery operated and controlled with Airwire throttles.  There is no track power.  


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JANUARY 31,2020

FGRS Special Fun Run

River Bend 

Alva, Florida

This is a large community club layout which includes several switching yards and interesting routing features, with an extensive scratch-built town and many industries.  They operate 1:20.3 fine scale narrow gauge trains.

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february 8, 2020

FGRS Fun Run

North Port, Florida

This fine layout is in an oversize side-yard in a mobile home park, and part of the layout runs under a deck. The layout has one of the most interesting villages you will see anywhere and a number of well-detailed industries.  It includes a trolley line which carries the little villagers to the local VFW. He is using electric switch machines to add operating interest and there is track power with an MTH control system.


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FGRS Fun Run

Ft Myers,  Florida

This layout is a free lance designed railroad. It doesn’t have a specific geographical location. It is located indoors, in a 1000 sq. ft. climate-controlled storage facility.  It is a tri-level railroad consisting of approximately 400 ft. of main line and approximately 100 ft. of sidings, 29 turnouts and 2 diamond crossings. 20 of the turnouts are controlled by LED Touch Toggles.  Both battery power and track power are used.

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december 19,2020

FGRS Fun Run

Ridge Live Steamers

Lake Wales, Florida

The "Ridge Live Steamers" is a 7½" gauge railroad that currently has 7,500 feet of mainline with an additional 7,300 feet in sidings and yards. We also have a 180 foot, 3 track loop of elevated Gauge 1 and G-Gauge railways under a roof. Stationary and steam traction engines are also run here.
There is currently over 14,800 feet of 7½" gauge track consisting of approximately 7500 feet of main line rail and an additional 7300 feet of sidings and interchange track, with over 100 turnouts.



January 13 - 14, 2024  -  Deland Railfair   9AM - 4PM
                                        Volushia County Fairgrounds
                                        FGRS will exhibit

March 2, 2024 - Melbourne Train & Toy Show

9am - 2pm

Azan Shrine Center, Melbourne, Florida

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February 17 - 18, 2024 - Palmetto Train Show

10am - 4pm - Manatee Area Convention Center

1 Haben Blvd, Palmetto, Florida

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More Shows to be Posted Soon - Watch this Space

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